impact edges


so that we can keep dreaming about what God dreams for our community, we are asking you to consider how you will impact edges!


why does your money matter?

at edges, we believe every dollar matters. we believe that the church is a good investment for your money. the church pools your single dollar with everyone else's single dollar to make a larger pool which does greater good. we believe that one way God is making a way into the world is through our monetary gifts. 


what does your money do?

a few practical things your money does: (scroll down for the full budget)

  • worship every sunday!

  • fun in the sun - providing summer camp opportunities for harding avenue elementary kids

  • building utilities so other groups can use the space, such as the capernum club serving kids with disabilities

  • international partnership with new hope girls school in the dominican republic

  • salaries for pastors and worship support staff


what if i can’t give?

we know that not everyone is in a position to contribute financially. however, even five dollars a year can make a massive difference in the overall funding of God's dreams. that's why at edges we hold fast to the idea that the gift itself is more important than the amount. we're committed to being a community that gives all we have: our time, our money, our presence, our prayers, our stories. we know that when we give what we have, God changes us in ways we can't imagine.


how do i give?

you can give online through paypal here!

if you are ready to commit to weekly/monthly/annual giving, please fill out your commitment card here!

checks can be mailed in to PO Box 931, Blacksburg, VA 24063,
or dropped off at Luke’s office at 111 Church St. SE, Blacksburg, VA 24060.


interested in all the budget details? here’s the detailed breakdown: