we know it takes courage to break out of your normal routines and visit a new church on sunday. we would be honored to have you join us for worship!

we are an open community of faith—open to new friends, open to new experiences and understanding, and open to God’s spirit moving in and through all of us.

we encourage kids up to 5th grade to take part in our edges kids ministries! our worship conversation is designed for adults, and may include themes that aren’t “kid-friendly.”

want to get a feel for the service before you come? watch the livestream of our most recent service!


Sundays at 8:30am & 10:30am


looking for a truly inclusive community?
so are we.

we strive to be a community that truly welcomes all persons, regardless of identity, age, ability, or history.

we structure our common life in ways that empower and enhance everyone’s participation and leadership.
we love this sacred work because it allows us to meet God in all people.


 at every worship conversation, we encourage:



worship at edges is not ‘led from the front.’ our aim is to minimize the separation between those leading and those in the community through group conversation and active participation.




we maintain an outward focus, and engage in practical means of contemplation and prayer. we seek to provide support to the community as they draw closer to God and to each other.




we take risks. we gather around subjects that may not normally be addressed in a church environment. we give ourselves permission to try new things, and celebrate new ideas as valid, hope-filled ways to learn about God and ourselves!


and don’t forget to continue the conversation!


conversations that matter aren’t just for sunday mornings!

we believe that the work we do together in community will transform the way we live in the world, and that God’s redemptive, connecting love can reach us in any moment of our lives. join a home group! it’s the best way we know to commit to continuing the conversation!