letter from kelly

dear friends,

grace, peace, increasing traffic, and plenty of back to school supplies to you! as we approach summer’s end, i write to share with you some discernment i’ve had that will initiate changes in our church between now and next summer.

after almost two years of careful attention to my life, and maybe even more attention to the life of our church community, i have decided that this will be my final year as the pastor of edges. for some time, i have sensed (and mostly ignored) what has felt like a calling to some different things… things that I believe will help me to live in better alignment with the woman I’m becoming, with God’s help.

when I think about alignment – seeking to line-up my life with God’s invitations- there are areas i’m convinced need adjustment. i have a sense, for example that i should read, and write, and think even more, but with less urgency to produce. i feel a call to learn more with my body and less in my thoughts. i cannot shake the holy pull i feel toward advocacy and solidarity with underrepresented groups, and the need to better align my convictions with my commitments. i dream about becoming a farmer, or at least a worker in a new kind of vineyard with a different rhythm.

but, here’s the thing… i haven’t been able to figure out how to get to any of these callings from either the pace or the position as pastor at edges.

and so, i have decided it’s time for me to grow again… into more and different love… into better alignment with who I’m becoming…into a new trust that God is writing a next chapter for me, and for our church, a story that is even bigger than the one we currently know.

i am not going to any next job, and we are not moving to a new state because frank has a new position. i am not crossways with anyone in the church, and especially not ralph or jennifer, with whom i’ve shared a partnership that I will ever describe as holy and good. and, hard as we’ve tried, i don’t even have a little farm to go to… yet. what i do have is a sense that something is going on in the next room, a story that i am excited to trust God to write, enough that i’ll let go of the pen.

all this is to say that next summer sometime close to the end of june, i’ll say goodbye as your grateful pastor… but the grateful part will be with me forever. you may wonder why i’m sharing this news now, almost a full year before the change-over. with the counsel of a very small group of wise folks, we’ve determined that transparency and time are the best ways to help our church clarify some larger questions related to our one church/two-campus structure and vision.

i imagine this sounds kind of like a break up, but i’m viewing this as an opportunity to have a fantastic senior year, where we focus on what matters most, celebrate every way we’ve grown together until now, and gear up for the sacred adventure of what’s next. i know this is possible not because it’s the character of us, but because it’s the way it always is with God.

thank you isn’t enough to capture the profound influence you have had on me and on our family. we have experienced God through you in the ordinary rhythms of life. we love you deeply, and we feel deeply loved.

with hope muscles building,

Luke Williams