home groups

home groups are the best way we know to “wonder out loud” toward God together.

we believe important conversations with each other change everything about how we live in the world. we affirm, doubt, laugh, and dream our way towards faith.

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community through service!

stepping out of your comfort zone to help someone is the best way to make new friends and have a meaningful, tangible experience of God!

we have community members that volunteer at our food pantry just up the road, that serve our partner school Harding Avenue Elementary, and that make sure our worship conversation goes without a hitch - from making coffee and monkey bread to running our livestream!

if you’re looking for a fuller/new community, consider joining us in service! fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you soon.


serve at edges

first off, here are some up-front teams. interested in any of these?
next, we have some behind-the-scenes teams. interested in any of these?
great, thank you! here are a few more ways to give - please check if any of these apply to you.
finally, we have some teams that work in the local community! interested in any of these?
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