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a faithful community dreams…

blacksburg united methodist church bought our home, the christian life center, in 2010, with wide-open hope for the future, and no definite plans for how to use the space. they trusted that the purchase would allow God to do a new thing - edges!


12 people gather in a basement in 2012…

edges began with the belief that church needs to talk about the real, rough edges in people’s lives… the places God’s light needs to be let into.

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edges starts to grow

more folks began committing to this new community where they could question, doubt, grow, and discover new ways to engage with God and with each other!

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edges moves upstairs

in 2015, we outgrew the basement, so we moved upstairs! to make the new worship space seem less huge to our still-small group, we set up doors on the sides of the room.

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worship in the round…

in 2016, we got rid of the stage! putting the communion table in the center of the room and leading from the same level as the community reinforces the truth: that God works through all of us, and that no one is set above or more worthy than another.


still worshipping!

our community has grown from 9 to over 200!
we incorporate community discussion, reflective participation, and creativity into our worship conversations. our commitment to talking about the real edges of our lives has never wavered, and we’ve seen the evidence of what life God has breathed into our midst.