edges kids director

b.s. marketing management,
b.a. public relations,
virginia tech

birthday: may 8th
email: jessica.c.dodson@gmail.com

2 of my sunday highlights:
edges kids, volunteering with our youth

3 people i love with my whole heart:
my mom, pat
my brother, george
my sister-in-law, becca

4 things i want to learn:
chef-level knife skills, how to drive stick shift, calligraphy, and another language

5 ben & jerry’s flavors i’d reach for in the grocery store:
americone dream, salted caramel core, half baked, vanilla toffee bar crunch, and red velvet cake

6 of my favorite places in the area:
band knob, the clearings at new river junction, 622 north, the ag quad, gucci kroger, and the wine lab

7 movies i’m embarrassed i’ve never seen:
home alone, jurassic park, pulp fiction, jaws, die hard, the matrix, and the sixth sense